Kids and The Farm, Why Is It Important?

Oftentimes in this fast paced world we are overwhelmed with distraction and noise. Kids are in front of screens and locked in doors so often! There are multiple reasons why we are compelled and Pumpkin Paradise Fall Festival to show kids the Magic of the Farm.

Our first reasoning for Kids needing the Farm is that they need nature! Humans weren’t built for an existence trapped in doors and breathing air full of junk. We are meant to be outside, feeling the sun on our skin, enjoying fresh water, being inspired by a fresh new strawberry or pumpkin on the vine… so much more! Children learn vital things like motor skills, responsibility and respect for nature by being in the environments that help animals and plants thrive. It takes learning what are weeds and aren’t weeds when tending a garden. They must learn that some animals are much larger than them and can hurt them if they aren’t respectful of the creatures space. There are so many lessons!

Our second is that its a crucial part of learning and understanding what sustains our bodies. Our children are conditioned to walk into Walmart and choose whatever they want whenever they want it. In nature though everything has its turn to bloom, to die, to be regenerated. Its a beautiful and intentional process! We want to help children connect to that process and perhaps even be inspired to be good stewards of these resources as well!

Visiting Pumpkin Paradise Fall Festival is much more than a way to get your kids out of your hair for the day and we hope that your visit brings you as much joy as it does for us!

Why Is STEM Important?

STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The STEM system is gaining more and more popularity by the day in our school and homeschool communities! In the past all these subjects were kept separate and on pen and paper mostly. Those ways of learning these subjects was very limiting and not filling a need that most children have, which is to learn in a hands on way.

Some examples of STEM activities on our farm are; Farmers Garden, Duck Race, Hay Maze, Obstacle Course, Sit N Play Activities and SO many more! We’d wager that most everything at the Farm is going to be able to connect into STEM learning.

At Pumpkin Paradise we want to ensure that the kids come to learn the magic of the farm in a way that sticks and is meaningful so we’ve created the STEM Scavenger Hunt Activity geared for school/homeschool groups.

The instructions on our Scavenger Hunt give all the steps to make exploring the Farm a magical and Education Experience!

Butterfly Garden

The Power Of Pollinators

Farming is an art that we’re proud to preserve here at Pumpkin Paradise. It’s important to us to support the ecosystem that allows us to produce beautiful harvests every year that we can share with you, our community.

“Pollinators are vitally important to agriculture, as well as our food system and ecosystems. They help thousands of flowering plants reproduce, from flowers to fruits and even some crops. Pollinator habitat can also provide benefits on the farm, such as preventing soil erosion and improving biodiversity.” Says there are also many video listed on their website if you’re interested in learning more.

Our passion is centered around helping children understand the important of where their foods come from, as as such we’re proud to show off to you our own butterfly garden- perfect for pollinators to come play in.

Here are a couple of photos of our Butterfly Garden Currently we cant wait to show you more.

The Magic of The Farm

In our fast paced and pandemic recovering world, we find it to be more important than ever that our youth understand the need for farms and farmers. There’s nothing more beautiful than a table full of freshly grown vegetables and meats that have been raised lovingly. Taking the time to love and care for the earth we have been given is dying in most places, but not here at Pumpkin Paradise. Allowing your family or group to visit us will transport you to a cozy place where the air is a little more clear and the smiles feel kind of like family.

Most children don’t realize where their foods come from, much less the many people involved in growing and caring for the plants and animals that their foods begin as. We’d like to show as many children as we can just what it takes to care for the land, animals and people as their food goes from farm to table. You’d be amazed at the reactions from children when they see the way seeds are planted in the freshly tilled ground, or their absolute thrill when the first seedlings begin to appear. There’s no doubt that our farms are an important place for necessity and also a but of wonder too. When children begin to experience the process firsthand it can lead to a whole new world of learning.

Experiencing Pumpkin Paradise can be a fun family experience, birthday celebration, or even a field trip! We’re open to all sorts of groups and our vision is to show as many kids as we can what the magic of the farm really is. From our grain bin slide to our hayrides you can be sure that fun will be had by all. We cant wait to see you in the Patch!

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