Kids and The Farm, Why Is It Important?

Oftentimes in this fast paced world we are overwhelmed with distraction and noise. Kids are in front of screens and locked in doors so often! There are multiple reasons why we are compelled and Pumpkin Paradise Fall Festival to show kids the Magic of the Farm.

Our first reasoning for Kids needing the Farm is that they need nature! Humans weren’t built for an existence trapped in doors and breathing air full of junk. We are meant to be outside, feeling the sun on our skin, enjoying fresh water, being inspired by a fresh new strawberry or pumpkin on the vine… so much more! Children learn vital things like motor skills, responsibility and respect for nature by being in the environments that help animals and plants thrive. It takes learning what are weeds and aren’t weeds when tending a garden. They must learn that some animals are much larger than them and can hurt them if they aren’t respectful of the creatures space. There are so many lessons!

Our second is that its a crucial part of learning and understanding what sustains our bodies. Our children are conditioned to walk into Walmart and choose whatever they want whenever they want it. In nature though everything has its turn to bloom, to die, to be regenerated. Its a beautiful and intentional process! We want to help children connect to that process and perhaps even be inspired to be good stewards of these resources as well!

Visiting Pumpkin Paradise Fall Festival is much more than a way to get your kids out of your hair for the day and we hope that your visit brings you as much joy as it does for us!

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