Why Is STEM Important?

STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The STEM system is gaining more and more popularity by the day in our school and homeschool communities! In the past all these subjects were kept separate and on pen and paper mostly. Those ways of learning these subjects was very limiting and not filling a need that most children have, which is to learn in a hands on way.

Some examples of STEM activities on our farm are; Farmers Garden, Duck Race, Hay Maze, Obstacle Course, Sit N Play Activities and SO many more! We’d wager that most everything at the Farm is going to be able to connect into STEM learning.

At Pumpkin Paradise we want to ensure that the kids come to learn the magic of the farm in a way that sticks and is meaningful so we’ve created the STEM Scavenger Hunt Activity geared for school/homeschool groups.

The instructions on our Scavenger Hunt give all the steps to make exploring the Farm a magical and Education Experience!

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