The Magic of The Farm

In our fast paced and pandemic recovering world, we find it to be more important than ever that our youth understand the need for farms and farmers. There’s nothing more beautiful than a table full of freshly grown vegetables and meats that have been raised lovingly. Taking the time to love and care for the earth we have been given is dying in most places, but not here at Pumpkin Paradise. Allowing your family or group to visit us will transport you to a cozy place where the air is a little more clear and the smiles feel kind of like family.

Most children don’t realize where their foods come from, much less the many people involved in growing and caring for the plants and animals that their foods begin as. We’d like to show as many children as we can just what it takes to care for the land, animals and people as their food goes from farm to table. You’d be amazed at the reactions from children when they see the way seeds are planted in the freshly tilled ground, or their absolute thrill when the first seedlings begin to appear. There’s no doubt that our farms are an important place for necessity and also a but of wonder too. When children begin to experience the process firsthand it can lead to a whole new world of learning.

Experiencing Pumpkin Paradise can be a fun family experience, birthday celebration, or even a field trip! We’re open to all sorts of groups and our vision is to show as many kids as we can what the magic of the farm really is. From our grain bin slide to our hayrides you can be sure that fun will be had by all. We cant wait to see you in the Patch!

Don’t forget to check out our online ticket purchasing options! This exciting new feature will help us serve you even better by anticipating who we will see and when we will see them. Thank you so much for being a part of our Pumpkin Paradise Family.

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